Company Profile

While trees as a source of raw material for producing paper are fast diminishing, the world’s need for paper keeps growing. At the same time, our commitment to bring paper to the world by supporting recycling is getting stronger.

SIHU (Singapore) Pte Ltd (“SIHU”) has come a long way since 1978. As a family owned and operated company, we started with the import and sales of printing machinery to Indonesia before moving into the paper business in 1985. We started with purchase of wastepapers from Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium to sell to Asia.

In 1995, we set up our office in New Jersey, USA. This paved the way for sourcing directly from USA and Canada and it allowed us to assume a more active role as a net buyer.

SIHU has grown into a full-fledged company dedicated to promoting the recovery and recycling of wastepaper and plastics scraps to Asian countries like Indonesia, Taiwan,
Korea, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and The Philippines. With close proximity to its Asian customers, SIHU draws on the advantages of her strategic geographic position in Singapore, its developed infrastructure and extensive network to service the paper-making industries with greater speed and round-the-clock efficiency.

As enshrined in our corporate vision, we look ahead into the new millennium and beyond to continually meet and exceed clients' paper needs, based on long-lasting partnership, complete reliability and high efficiency.