As a family-run company, we offer service built on total commitment, integrity and trustworthiness in securing our clients and partners’ interests, placing us on the cutting edge of competitiveness. True to our vision, we are single-minded in the commitment to meet the paper needs of the clients now and in the future.

Managed by a cohesive team of dedicated family members, SIHU operates around a structure designed to reduce delay and improve turnaround time. The volatile market condition makes it necessary for timely decisions to be made, which is possible by us.

1. Location

Being strategically located in Singapore, we are in an advantageous geographic position with close proximity to our Asian Markets. We are within reach of our business associates, anytime and anywhere.

2. Reliability: Consistent Supply & Demand

Our presence in USA and Europe, coupled with extensive and direct connections with paper mills in major paper-importing Asian countries, it give us the unique and unassailable advantage of being able to respond swiftly and decisively to demand and supply fluctuations in the market.

Having direct control over sourcing, customers take comfort in the confidence that their varied demand will be consistently met.

At the same time, with our diverse markets – spanning a wide client base encompassing Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, The Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and China, the ever growing Asian markets ensure a steady demand for our products and services.

3. Accuracy: Prompt information

As prices fluctuate quickly, it is absolutely crucial to access prompt and accurate market information to make the best business decisions.

Being an active player in major Asian markets, USA and Europe, we are able to provide insights and knowledge on a global perspective by serving as listening outposts, and relay important market intelligence to our partners worldwide.